Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Review ~ The Lighthouse Brides Collection

BookThe Lighthouse Brides Collection
Authors: DiAnn Mills, Andrea Beshaar, Lynn A. Coleman, Sally Laity, & Paige Winship Dooly
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publishing Date: This compilation: 2013 (Publishing Dates vary; some are originally 2000, some 2013)

Type of Book: Romance set from 1825-1898

My interest in this book is: I like lighthouses and history so thought I'd try it and test out some new authors--for me.

Message/Plot: Six stories all set in American Coastal Lighthouses throughout the 1800's.

Favorite Characters: I liked Captain Cade Danfield and Amanda the best, followed by Dane.

Story #1: Blah.

Story #2: Great pace!

Story #3: By far the best in this collection! It has great dialogue that both moves the story along while also allowing us to get to know these characters deeper which is important to do quickly in a short work. Everything was well resolved and not at all rushed. Well done!

Story: #4: Pretty flat story. Too much trying to convince me of the struggle and too much backstory in the beginning. It also has awkward dialogue.

Story #5: So much Telling and not enough Showing. There could have been better chapter breaks that would lead to more tension in the book. Instead a conversation was just cut in half, stoping at the end of one chapter and beginning the next chapter without even a character switch. No, no, no. Leave me hanging and in the next chapter start me somewhere new so I'm curious how things where left--build the tension!

Story #6: It has great verbiage for the age of the child, something I often find lacking when authors write children's dialogue. Otherwise, some things felt unfinished, like her parents. Why did they live where they did? What affect did that have on the story? It could have been tied up and involved in the ending, instead it was just weird.

In all: It's a great collection for those who have little time to read and want something faith-based. I would not recommend reading these all at once; too many characters and story-lines to keep straight in one reading. This is one that will not rest on my bookshelf but I may seek out more books by Andrea Boeshaar; I liked her story.

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