Saturday, March 23, 2013

Book Review ~ Forsaken Dreams

Book Title: Forsaken Dreams
Author: MaryLu Tyndall
Publisher: Revell

Type of Book: Historical Inspirational Romance

I received this book: for free through from the publisher for an honest review

My interest in this book: I fell in love with MaryLu's storytelling the 1st moment I began to read the Legacy of the King's Pirates series. 

Ideas expressed/message/plot: A group of Southerners desiring to reestablish themselves in Brazil after the Civil War in hopes of starting over without the pressing hand of the North. No, this is not a book advocating slavery. I was moved in the telling by the realization of how some Southerners would have felt living in the States after the war.  

Favorite Characters, quotes/lines: I immediately fell in love with Blake Wallace! Who wouldn't? His character is so well crafted; I can't help but admire him.

When I finished this book I felt: *sigh* with a smile.  It was a good ending with just enough left undone that I am excited to read the next book in the series but felt like the story wrapped up just enough to leave me wanting to know what happens to the other characters in the cast.

Overall: What struck me this time was MaryLu's ability to suck me into the next chapter! If I had to stop reading--due to tending the children or having to go to bed--I usually had to quit reading at a break in the chapter or else, once I got to the end of the chapter, there was NO WAY I could leave it hanging for hours!  

What a great cast of characters. I felt like I was watching a mystery dinner--what will happen next? What quirk or detail will be unveiled in this chapter? What fun!

I also love how she doesn't shy away from the spiritual side of Christianity. We DO war against unseen principalities and darkness. Most romance writers don't even dare to tread that ground but MaryLu does it beautifully. 

This is an excellent read. 5 stars. Definitely bookshelf worthy. Recommended for teens +.  

For a great interview of MaryLu on her book Forsaken Dreams see the following website:

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