Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review ~ Sherlock Holmes and the Needles Eye

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Needle's Eye
Author: Len Bailey
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Type of Book: Historical Fiction; Biblical historical/modern fiction

I received this book: for free from the publisher via for an honest review.

My interest in this book: is the historical look at some of the moments in the Bible that can raise questions. I enjoy diving into books that can make the Bible more real to me. What was it like? Who were the people like? What were their daily lives like? And how does the story apply to me--in context of what was going on then?

Ideas/message/plot: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson travel back in time via a machine Holmes discovers. They have a mysterious person giving them questions/problems to solve and through these, Holmes is forced to look at his own beliefs. Each chapter is a different question, totally unrelated to the previous "mystery."

Favorite characters, quotes, lines: I really enjoyed the banter between Holmes and Watson. Bailey did a wonderful job mimicking Sir Conan Doyal's writing style. I really enjoyed this read and never once felt like I was reading a history book or seminary study.

When I finished the book I felt: satisfied. It was a great read that I could pick up when ever or jump around in if I wanted.  I enjoyed every piece of it, though some chapters were more interesting than others. 

Overall: I liked it. I think this book should be in every seminary school! If not for historical truth than for debate and discussion; or at least to liven up the dull reads so often found there. There is much truth in this book and the fictional aspect awakens the reader's mind more-so than any textbook. The stories bring to live the Biblical era and does fill in some blanks with what might have happened, or been happening. 

Overall, I think this is bookshelf worthy and worth the read! Loved it and would love to see more works out there like this! Especially for those who love to learn and study as well as adventure and imagination. 

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