Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book Review ~ Glittering Promises

Title: Glittering Promises, book 3 in the Grand Tour Series
Author: Lisa T. Bergren
Publisher: David C. Cook
Publishing Date: October 1, 2013

Type of Book: 1913, Pre-WWII Europe

My interest in this book is: the Grand Tour. Oh, how I would have loved to do this!

Ideas expressed in this series: the discovery of who she, Cora, is--her true identity--in Christ and as an individual. How often does the struggle to be who God created us to be collide with the pressures of being who others expect us to be? Bergren hits this message so hard yet so beautifully you are wooed into it while reading this series. This is such a powerful character-driven series that causes you to look deep in yourself and check where you yourself are with your identity in Christ.

Favorite Characters, quotes, lines: I love Hugh! I love the potential we see in him via Cora's POV. So much potential in that man. Of course I love Will and Cora, Vivian comes to life in this book, and Mr. Morgan...bless him! What a sweet man.

Quote: "The day was what was offered, not what wasn't."

"It mattered not from where I'd come. It mattered not what I'd accomplish in the future. All summer long I'd sought to fit in with the Kensingtons, gain their acceptance, and yet hold on to my Diehl heritage. But all along I'd missed the heritage that truly mattered. And that was as a child of God."

When I finished this book I felt: "Awwwww!" I LOVE the ending! There is so much detail in this book series that I'd like to know what happens once they reach US soil again, however the ending Bergren gives this book--and series--is perfect; so sweet! Totally satisfying. What great introspective questions via our main character. Thanks Lisa for such a great read in all 3 books!

Overall: I would recommend this series to lovers of European travel, romancers, and lovers of character-driven novels. Teen+,  5 Stars. This series has it all. There is love, growth, God, adventure, beautiful scenery, well developed characters and story line. There are some good quotes through out this series that if they are NOT on your bookshelf, you should at least have notecards to remember some of these gems you'll discover along the journey you're about to take.

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