Thursday, August 1, 2013

Book Review ~ Into the Whirlwind

Book: Into the Whirlwind
Author: Elizabeth Camden
Publisher: Bethany House
Publishing Date: August 1, 2013

Type of book: Historical Romance, Chicago Fire 1871.

I received this book free through from the publisher for an honest review.

My interest in this book: the author! I have loved every one of Elizabeth Camden's books. She crafts stories like Monet painted paintings.

Ideas expressed/message/plot: Everyone has a purpose. We are all created to put our hands to something "hard" (as 10 year old Sophie would say).

Favorite Characters, quotes/lines: Zack and Mollie are my favorites but really I enjoyed getting to know all of them. Each character is well rounded through and through. Honestly, character development is an area that Camden excels at. You don't just get to know the lead characters in her stories. Instead you meet each and every one. In this story I even liked how Sophie's character helped develop the theme of the story.

Sometimes, Elizabeth, I wonder if you have taken the DISC or Leading From Your Strengths profile because Zack and Mollie are perfect examples of a Lion/Otter and a Beaver/Golden Retriever. :) I really enjoyed it! These characters were SO relatable to me because this is the exact character combination of my husband and myself. 

Favorite quotes: "After all, the rumors about Mr. Kazmarek were legendary."

Chapter 19 holds one of the most moving pieces of the story; from "You look beautiful, Mollie," through "but it had to be done." it actually spills over into the first paragraph of chapter 20 that ends with "gnawing pain in her heart and mind." 

When I finished this book I felt: So happy for them. The characters overcame so much and stayed true to themselves. It was beautiful. Camden's flow is graceful, her characters breathtakingly real, her plot lines firm and well paced. Masterful. 

I woud recommend this book to any and all romance and history lovers teen and over. 
4.8 stars from me for this one! Yes, so far all of Elizabeth Camden's books are bookshelf worthy.

Sound good? Read an excerpt from the 1st chapter here

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The Lady of Bolton Hill by far is my favorite! I've never met such great characters as these!

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*If anyone is interested in taking a personality assessment, please let me know! I am a certified trainer for Insight Ministry International and LOVE, love, love helping people understand who God uniquely crafted them to be. There truly is NO ONE like you and no one else can do what you are designed to do like only you can. Don't know what it is that you were created to do but you know there's more to you than what you see today? Let's work on it together! Sometimes you just need someone beside you to coach you along the journey.


  1. I love her books, too, ....can't wait to read this one. you can download Against the Tide as a freebie!

  2. Jackie, you wont be disappointed! I tweeted the free book because, really, who wouldn't want a GOOD free read? And one of Camden's? Yeah, pure gold!!

    What's your favorite book by Elizabeth Camden? And what's your favorite read so far this year?

  3. I have read 92 books this year, and it would be HARD to choose a favorite!! I read Christian fiction...any genre.
    I have only read The Lady of Bolton Hill by far....but plan to read all of hers very soon. Against the Tide is waiting on my Kindle!

  4. I love it! Last year's favorite for me was Tamera Alexaner's "To Whisper Her Name." Though "Veil of Pearls" by MaryLu Tyndall was awesome too. I'm in love with Ronie Kendig's Discarded Hero books and her book "Talon" had me on an adrenalin rush the whole time (I devoured it in 2 days!)


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