Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finish Year - Week 9

Ah, vacation. With all it's joys, struggles, times to be places, family stress...it's still an awesome thing to have. I am so very thankful to have this opportunity to be here on the Florida coast.

Last night my husband and I took a moonlit walk on the beach, laid out a blanket, and basked in the sound of the waves around us and the star-studded sky above us. God is so big. To listen to the coming and going of the waves, considering the tide and how it works; then to gaze up and wonder at how vast the night sky is--all of its stars, planets, rotations, universes. Huge. Amazing. And He that created it all, created me. Knows my dreams, my heart aches, my fears, my joys. I am so thankful. So humbled. So in awe.

~ Write a novel.
This year I will write a novel, set in England in the 1800's.
Did a couple more excesses this week. I have a compilation of ideas for characters that is forming (some songs that represent them, bible verses that represent their struggle, etc.) Entered a small writing contest with Writer's Digeset. Their big one is due May 1st; I'd better get on that one.

~ Ministry.
I have a HUGE passion to see people be who God created them to be. Each of us is unique and we each have a different part to play.
Read a small section of a new book on coaching and have my first person lined up as my guinea pig!( her words, not mine!)

~ Get in shape.
Maybe I should go join the weather aerobics in the mornings while I'm here. :)

~ Bible.
This year I will read through the major players of the Old Testament (Survey of the Old Testament) as well as the books of the Bible I haven't read thus far in my life.
Dove into Judges this week.

~ Grow closer than ever to my husband (we're both pretty individualistic people so this is a good step).
Our walk on the beach lead to some great discussion that opened us up to talking about our pasts. I am so thankful for a husband who is an open book to me. My heart safely trusts in him.
We talked about family vacations when we were kids and then he started talking about baseball (because he missed opening day on one of the family vacations as a kid). I LOVE hearing him talk about the things he's passionate about!

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