Monday, April 16, 2012

Finish Year - Week 11

~ Write a novel.
This year I will write a novel, set in England in the 1800's.
So...the novel I'm working on through the exercises is really one set in Rome before the Great Fire. Although, I have 2 other novels in my mind set in the 1700-1800's. The exercises are going well & I'm analyzing Julie Klassen's newest book, Maid of Fairbourne Hall, as well as Deborah Hale's Much Ado About Nuptials (The Wedding Season). 

~ Ministry.
I have a HUGE passion to see people be who God created them to be. Each of us is unique and we each have a different part to play.
Had a great time talking to someone this week about who God created them to be. Digging into what their values are and how that plays a part in what they are called to do/who they are called to work with/what might their passions be in relation to those values.

~ Get in shape.
Eh. Does running after the preschoolers count?

~ Bible.
This year I will read through the major players of the Old Testament (Survey of the Old Testament) as well as the books of the Bible I haven't read thus far in my life.

Read some incredible things in Judges this week. I have always had a difficult time seeing the "judges" as anything but people in court with black robes. In reality, these judges were spiritual leaders that God rose up to guide His people. They cropped up in different regions, some even around the same times. Like revivals around our own country. God will always move when the people cry out, whether the leader of the country is Christian or not.

I also began pondering the importance of Experience. Jesus taught in parables. Why? Because the parables were relatable to the listener's experiences. Because the story was relatable to an experience, the story will be more memorable than just words being spoken. How often do we forget the words of the pastor that spoke on Sunday unless they say something that we "experience;" something that relates to an experience we've had, emotions we've felt.  

~ Grow closer than ever to my husband (we're both pretty individualistic people so this is a good step).
Laughter is a great unifier. 

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