Monday, February 6, 2012

Finish Year - Week 2

What a great beginning of the year! I have loved the adventure. I have loved the snow. I LOVED being able to start and finish 2 books during the snow storm! MMMM!

I have also been on fire with the visions burning in my heart and flying with the reality that I can do something to make it happen. (duh, right? Like they are going to happen with me just sitting around hoping.)

Here's how it went last week:

~ Write a novel.
This year I will write a novel, set in England in the 1800's.
Ok, maybe it will be the 1700's. I had some more thoughts on additional characters and story lines (like a she likes him, he likes her but then this other guys pretty much has the claim on her type of thing). We'll see where it goes. Right now I am just loving the creativity part of it. Next week: plot & structure? Maybe Character development.

~ Ministry.
I have a HUGE passion to see people be who God created them to be. Each of us is unique and we each have a different part to play.
Wrote out the first draft of the message! Using Jeremiah chapter 1 as a focus point.

~ Get in shape.
Isn't this on about 90% of American's lists? I went to the Chiropractor again as well as Massage therapy and feel great. I actually ran down the street (to get the chicken nuggets out of the oven I forgot about) and didn't feel a thing askew! I am SOOOO excited about this! Now for stretching and strength building.

~ Bible.
This year I will read through the major players of the Old Testament (Survey of the Old Testament) as well as the books of the Bible I haven't read thus far in my life.
Take a look at the post earlier this week for insights I got.

~ Grow closer than ever to my husband (we're both pretty individualistic people so this is a good step).
Still going through the book, though we only read once this whole week at least we're reading it! Had a good "Ouch, that hurt" talk instead of keeping it in, like it didn't bother me. Growing closer and understanding each other better & better & loving it!

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