Wednesday, July 15, 2015

With This Kiss ~ Historical Collection

Book: With this Kiss ~ Historical Collection
Author:  by Ruth Logan Herne , Pam Hillman , Cara Lynn James,  Julie Lessman Mary Connealy 

Publishing Date: April 10, 2015

Type of book: This is another collection put together by 5 of the Seekers of Seekerville (aka, the above listed authors). See the full list of multi-published authors from

Favorite moments: Honestly, I bought this series for Julie's story. I love the Heart of San Fransisco series and this is Blake's story. The other stories were bonuses and it was a great introduction to some authors that I hadn't read before.

When I finished the book: Julie always brings a story that touches your heart and draws you in to God's unending, unconditional love. She is an incredible writer and won't disappoint. I was totally drawn to Patience; "Forgive me for babbling, but some things like music are truly magical, capturing my heart." Amen to that one!

Overall:  Julie's Grace Like Rain was my favorite. I enjoyed Meeting in the Middle by Pam Hillman; it was a cute story that flowed well and didn't have any gaps. The other stories didn't quite pull me in, but everyone is different and one of them might become one of your new favorite authors, who knows?! I say give it a try. Really, for $2.99, you can't go wrong, and if you have a Kindle, it's a free read with Kindle Unlimited.

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