Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Book Review ~ Playing by Heart

Author: Anne Mateer
Publisher: Bethany House
Publishing Date: September 16, 2014

I received this book from and Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

My interest in this book: I love discovering new authors (be it they are new or just new to me). Anne Mateer falls into the "new for me" category.

Ideas expressed/message/plot: Overcoming. There's a message of hope; of leaning on God--leaning into Him. 

Favorite characters, quotes / lines: "Music--all music--fed my soul in a way nothing else did." Yes. The power of art/music is just that, powerful.

When I finished this book I felt: ~ ok. It was pretty good. Slow to start. I give it a 3.8. It's a good story--well written--but these characters and the plot isn't going to stick with me. There was no life changing "ah-ha" moment or anything either, which I do love. 

It was good. Simple. Smooth.

Overall: I am certified in Communications Coaching and Personality assessing. I think that's what underlyingly bothers me in this book. As expert Kevin Leeman states: "Marrying in your own birth order can lead to problems (". This is a story about two babies of the family getting together. What I will say is this: you get more tension in personalities and birth order differences than you do similarities. That being said, you know that the tension and sparks in this story do not come from these characters and their connecting. 

Maybe that's just it: there weren't enough sparks or tension for me to push it above a 4-star rating. 

It is however, a very sweet, clean read with an interesting plot line that I would let my 11 year old niece read.  

Great job, Anne, putting together a plot that I have not come across before! Very unique. I love the 1st person POV as well.

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