Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Book Review ~ Dare to Love Again

Book: Dare to Love Again
Author: Julie Lessman
Publisher: Revell
Publishing Date: January 2014

Type of book: historical fiction, San Francisco 1903

My interest in this book: I love Lessman's works and this one follows the 1st in the series, Love at any Cost

Ideas expressed/message/plot: Overcoming hurts of the past through trust in God.

Favorite Characters, quotes/lines: Oh, how can you not love the men in these books? The comic relief they provide puts a smile in your heart. Honestly though, all of her characters are incredible. Julie's characters are complex and require a deeper look than a typical romantic archetypal hero or heroine; this is part of what makes Lessman books so great.

A favorite quote: "...sat down  at the long oak table that bore the happy scuffs and scars of meals and love served in ample supply"(335).

Also, I love the conversation between Cassie and Alli about how they've put their lives in God's hands from little girls and how there's an expectation we all have of Him keeping our hearts safe when we love Him. This however does not preclude us from pain in our lives. He promises He will help us overcome. What a powerful moment. Way to bring the Word, Julie!

When I finished this book I felt: ...Julie, Julie, Julie.... You didn't have to do this to hook me into the next book! I was a goner after Love at Any Cost.

Overall: Buy this book. Buy Love at Any Cost as well and pre-order the next in the series. You'll want the whole set to reread, to loan out, or just to comfort you on cold, rainy days. :)

Julie has such a beautiful way of mixing romance with these God-moments that remind you of Who He is and how much He loves you. 

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