Monday, January 30, 2012

Finish Year

I have decided to join in Finish Year with Jon Acuff and all those who are pressing in to accomplish goals this year.  No, not resolutions, goals. Goals to advance our God-given purposes; in doing so we open up opportunities to touch those people God puts in our path. God will put people in your path but you'll never reach them if you're sitting on your hinny wasting away time because life is too crazy and you're too afraid to move.

Go! ... Go, go, go.

No ... RUN! I'll run with you.

Want to join in? It's not too late! Here are the goals I am going for this year. Each one touches a different aspect of my life.

~ Write a novel.
This year I will write a novel, set in England in the 1800's.
This week I picked up another Jane Austen type book and am reading through it. It was written by a 33 year old who went on a trek through the land of Austen and journaled her trip; relating many thoughts and questions about then and now & how people never really change. What was then is totally relatable now. What influenced Austen's writing? What would she have thought? These questions help me think about characters I will create, hopefully with the strength that Jane Austen did.

~ Ministry.
I have a HUGE passion to see people be who God created them to be. Each of us is unique and we each have a different part to play. My goal this year is to speak 3 times this year about finding your God-given dream/call/SHAPE.
My first speaking engagement is on February 22nd!

~ Get in shape.
Ok, so I didn't make it to the gym last week but I did go to the Chiropractor.  Wow! What a difference. For the first time in 4 years I am able to bend my chin to my chest. Five years? you ask.  Yes, I tend to take care of others before myself.  That, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance so what ever off-set that was causing I just ignored as long as I could. Now I think I can jump without jarring my spin into my skull. What a relief!

~ Bible.
This year I will read through the major players of the Old Testament (Survey of the Old Testament) as well as the books of the Bible I haven't read thus far in my life.
I continued to read about Joshua's life this week. I am also on the 15th chapter of Jeremiah.

~ Grow closer than ever to my husband (we're both pretty individualistic people so this is a good step).
We are reading through Songs in the key of Solomon by John & Anita Renfroe. These are quick little reads that get you talking about various topics that probably don't just come up in your routine conversations with your spouse. It's going well.

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