Monday, April 4, 2016

Daring Sacrifice

Book: Daring Sacrifice
Author: Jody Hedlund
Publisher: Zondervan
Publishing Date: March 1, 2016

Type of book: England 1390

My interest in this book: I immediately fell in love with the first book in the series, Uncertain Certain Choice, and jumped at the opportunity to read the next in the series. 

Since just over a year ago, I have twice been privileged to dive into the medieval world of 1390 England where knights ride valiantly and noble daughters stand up for what is right. As daughters of the King, we each have a claim to nobility with the opportunity to stand up for what is good and right and noble. 

What I love about this book: it's just flat-out an excellent story! The content is realistic and applicable to modern readers. 

What I love about Jody's stories is not only her heart to connect with readers through quality Christian writing, but to create life change. In this series, she reveals true emotions about being young and in love and includes an invaluable discussion guide at the back of her books. I strongly recommend that this book series—if not this book alone—be read as a small group, using the questions in the back. You will be able to easily discuss topics like: “What are some of the characteristics that drew Juliana and Collin to each other?…What made them a good fit for each other?” “…Why do you think it’s important for couples to spend time really getting to see the other person in their daily life (rather than always prettied-up on dates)?” “…Why is modesty so important for both men and women? And what does modesty mean to you?” I’m not often a fan of the discussion questions contained in novels—they seem like afterthoughts. Not so here! These questions bring up topics that might otherwise feel awkward in a discussion between mom and daughter if brought up on their own. 

5+ stars & bookshelf worthy

I will be reading this series with the girls of our church and my daughter!

To celebrate Jody's second book in the Uncertain Choice series, let's do an Amazon giveaway for one of her books. You're choice of eBook or paperback. 

Here are ways to enter:

Leave a comment on a difficult YA topic that might be easier to discuss if a book like this one were written about it. 

Follow Jody Hedlund's author page on Amazon. (Let me know in the comments)

Tweet about this giveaway. (Give link in comments)

Giveaway end 4/10/2016


  1. A difficult topic that comes to mind would be bullying. A young girl in my town killed herself because of being bullied. I am so glad that my children were teenagers when life wasn't quite so complicated.
    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway. I would prefer a paperback book.
    Janet E.

  2. One problem that I think girls have today is they don't really know the appropriate ways that a boy should treat a girl. So many are willing to not be treated in respectful and caring ways. I've seen this both as a public school teacher and as grandmother.


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